Tips for Bringing Your New Pet Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic



Tips for Bringing Your New Pet Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Aurora James

With our usual routines temporarily on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might feel like you need to make a few changes to your lifestyle. And with so much free time indoors at your disposal, you may be thinking about adopting a pet so that you can have some company. We’ve gathered some helpful resources that will address all of your concerns as a new pet owner. 

Picking the Perfect Pet 

Depending on your lifestyle, your income, and how much time you can devote to pet care, certain pets might be a better fit for your family than others. 

When choosing a type of pet, consider factors like cost, available space, and how much free time you have. 
If you have kids, you should also think about choosing a pet that is known for getting along well with children. 
Before you visit a breeder to bring a new friend to bring home, research the many steps of the pet adoption process so that you’re fully prepared. 

Everything Your New Pet Needs 

It’s time to head to your local pet supply store and pick up everything your new companion needs to be comfortable, safe, and happy in their new home. 

You’ll need to purchase a collar for your pet so that they can wear ID tags in case they get lost. 
Your pet will probably want to cuddle with you in bed sometimes, but they should also have their own cozy bed to sleep in! 
You’ll want to get your pet some fun toys to play with, but when you go shopping, you should keep safety in mind before making any purchases. 

General Guidelines for Cleanliness 

Regular grooming and brushing, combined with deep cleaning your house more frequently, should help keep your home clean. 

Right now, you may not want to take your pet to the groomer, but by mastering these DIY grooming tips, you can help them look and feel their best at home! 
Once you’ve groomed your pet’s coat, make sure that your furry friend’s breath always smells fresh by cleaning their teeth on a regular basis. 
If you notice a whiff of pet odor around your house, you’ll need to employ some deep cleaning strategies with strong products. 
Plan to have your furniture cleaned several times each year to remove smells and stains. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Pet 

Caring for your pet in the midst of a pandemic can be tricky, and you’ll have to take some additional precautions to keep yourself and your pet safe. 

It is technically possible for some animals to contract COVID-19, so read up on how to protect your pets to bring some peace of mind. 
Here’s how to practice social distancing with your pet on the leash. 
Find pet care advice and connect with other pet owners and enthusiasts through the Petluvs app.   

Becoming a new pet owner is exciting, challenging, and occasionally exhausting! But as you and your pet form a loving bond, you’ll realize that taking the leap and bringing them home was a fantastic decision. With these resources, you’ll be ready to give your pet everything they need! 

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